Interior view of a workroom with a central bench and a man crafting with leather.

Leather Lab

Liwan is pleased to offer monthly workshops for members developed by our artisan leather lab resident Isa Jilid.

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Qatar is home to some of the finest handmade leather goods. A stroll down one of Qatar's bustling souqs, and you will come across endless leather-making shops selling intricately designed journal covers, wallets, bags, and other carefully well-made pieces.

Our leather lab is equipped with all the latest tools that beginners or semi-experienced makers will need. 

  • Awls, leather dyes, paints, & finishes, groover
  • Marking and holder tools,
  • Specialized leather chisels
  • Sewing and stitching equipment, and many more leather handicraft essentials. 

Members can enjoy multiple workshops a year with the guidance of our experienced lab residents. If you are new to leather making, you will learn and develop techniques, including stitching, cutting, and sewing leather. As well as understanding the different types of leather. Members will also be encouraged to think about sustainability and conscious consumption while working on their leather products. 

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About Isa Al Jalahma

Isa Al Jalahma is a former financier and co-founder of Jilid, a renowned and successful Qatari start-up specialising in leather making. The brand was founded in 2019 with Isa’s business partner Mohammed Al Galahma. Jilid produces durable; high-quality leather products made entirely by hand. The duo is proud to provide the best quality handmade leather products in Qatar, and they remain dedicated to using premium leather to craft every product.

Sustainability and conscious consumption are crucial components of their business. Jilid takes extra measures to recycle unused leather. And ensuring the longevity of their products is at the forefront of their work so that their customers can pass their products down from generation to generation.

“With every new product, I’d return to the old traditional techniques to build upon my skills.”

Isa Al Jalahma