my land word in arabic light calligraphy in the dessert

Arabic Light Calligraphy Workshop

Past Event

Led by calligrapher and street artist Karim Jabbari, this light calligraphy workshop will teach participants how to draw calligraphy in space using light and capture the moment through photography.

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Nominated in 2015 by the International Award for Public Art as one of the top 30 public artists in the world, Karim Jabbari is celebrated for his expressive ‘light calligraphy’ images and artwork, often featuring ancient Kufi and Maghrebi script.

This workshop invites creatives interested in Arabic calligraphy, history, light and photography to create their light portraits by writing in space with a light source and using low shutter photography to capture the results.

Participants will learn about the innovative art of writing with light and they will gradually perfect their skills with every picture taken. They will also experiment with light, colours and calligraphy. The outcome will be a series of beautiful photos of light calligraphy.