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Liwan's membership programme aims to build a network and community central to the country's creative economy. It addresses the need to create a pool of resources and provide flexible access to them, alongside a curated space, just for local designers. 

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For Designers Living and Working in Qatar

A Liwan membership gives you the chance to join Qatar’s burgeoning creative community. A Liwan membership offers a full programme of benefits, including unlimited access to Liwan’s shared spaces, private studios, state-of-the-art prototyping and digital photography labs. Our membership programme also includes access to exclusive talks, artisanal workshops, membership-only mixers and showcases.

Individual membership Group membership

What is the Membership Programme? 

A Liwan membership gives you 24h access to all of our spaces and facilities, including member-only events. The programme opens up Liwan as a creative space to the burgeoning design community in Qatar in the form of an easy-to-reach, easy-to-use, collaborative hub in the heart of the city. 

What are the benefits offered to a member? 

The following benefits cover both specific design tools and community resources, ensuring that at Liwan, members are encouraged to create their work in an environment where they can experiment, collaborate, network, and test the boundaries of design.

  • Co-working spaces and meeting rooms
  • Private studio
  • Prototype lab access
  • Photography studio
  • Leather lab
  • Cay lab
  • High-speed internet
  • Locker space on-premises
  • Liwan bike service
  • Liwan library access
  • Exclusive community newsletter
  • Invitations to workshops and guest lectures
  • Subsidised or no-cost entry to Liwan events
  • Volunteering opportunities at Liwan events
  • Entry to all exhibitions and networking events held in Liwan
  • Peer-critique sessions
  • Access to library/archives
  • Showcase opportunities 
  • Access to VCUarts Qatar Materials Library collection

Type of Membership

We offer two types of membership:

  • An individual membership
  • A collective/group membership (consisting of a minimum of 2 to a maximum of 7 people).

Who is the Membership geared towards?

The expected users of the membership include emerging Product Designers, Visual Designers, Fashion Designers and more. It is geared toward the emerging and established creative design community in Qatar. So, if you are an emerging or established designer or even a design enthusiast, this membership may be for you!  

Application Process & Eligibility:

Membership is open on a rolling basis. Applications are open to all residents of Qatar over the age of 18 and require proof of residency, a letter of intent, and a CV OR portfolio. 

How is the membership programme structured? 

The Liwan Membership Programme gives 12 months of access to its members. During this time, memberships will have 24h access to the site and all the listed benefits. The membership is non-renewable, and spaces in the programme are limited, granted on the approval of an application. 

Am I eligible to apply? 

A Liwan membership is for emerging and established local designers, giving them a space to experiment, collaborate, network and test the boundaries of design. It is open for application to all residents and citizens of Qatar over the age of 18.

What documents do I need when applying?

Applicants need to attach 

  • Proof of their residency 
  • A letter of intent
  • CV OR design portfolio

What is the cost of a 12-month membership?

Individual membership = 2000 QAR | Group membership = 1850 QAR

How long is my membership valid? 

Memberships are valid for 12 months from the start date.

How will I know I am accepted? 

All applicants will be contacted via email to be informed of the status of their application soon after the intake period closes. Approved applicants will be given two weeks' notice before their membership is activated and the fees deducted. Members will be provided with a membership card and a locker on their first day at Liwan.

Applicants may also be waitlisted and promptly informed of any change in their status. 

Can I withdraw from the membership programme? 

Believe us when we say, once you enter Liwan, you will not want to leave! So sadly, no, you cannot withdraw your membership. 

Individual Membership Group Membership Terms and Conditions