Front view of a 3D Ultimaker printer.

Prototyping Lab

Members can take full advantage of our state-of-the-art prototyping facility centre.

Coming soon!

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Liwan promotes a cross-collaboration among design disciplines where graphic, industrial, and fashion designers can work alongside other creatives. Our state-of-the-art prototyping facility centre includes the latest cutting-edge equipment for all design needs.

The following equipment is available for use.

  • Laser Cutter — Epilog Zing 24 
  • 3D Printer — Ultimaker 2+ (single extrusion print-head) 
  • Clay Printer — Delta Wasp 40100 for clay printing 
  • Vacuum Former — Clarke Vacuum Former 
  • Hot Wire Strip Heater — Clarke (600mm capacity) 
  • Desktop- 27 inch iMac (10th generation intel core i7 processor) 
  • LaserJet Printer 
  • Standard Hi-Spec Wood-working tools 
  • Non-electric hand tool-kit 
  • Screws, sandpaper, clamps, measuring and layout tools, tackers 
  • Electric Tools:
    Glue Gun — Bosch 
    Wireless Drill Tool — Makita LXT 
    Wireless Orbital Sander — Makita LXT 
    Wireless Small Circular Saw — Makita LXT 
    Wireless Angle Grinder — Makita LXT 
    Wireless Power Hammer Drill — Makita LXT