wooden chair

Creating Contemporary Wooden Sculptures

Past Event

Led by multidisciplinary artist and interior architect Suzana Joumaa, this wooden sculpture workshop will take participants from concept through to the finished product.

Registration for this workshop is now closed.

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Wood remains one of the most popular materials used for countless objects in our everyday lives. Whether it is a well-crafted wooden floor or artistic sculpture, working with wood is limitless. Participants will develop a wood design from 2D technical drawings, which will be cut and assembled by a carpenter. The resulting wooden artefact will then be painted; during this part of the workshop, participants will learn about primary colour theory and apply it to their wooden sculptures. By the end of the workshop, participants would have created a colourful wooden sculpture 30x30x10cm based on their 2D drawing.

You will learn the following:

  • Basic woodworking skills and techniques  
  • How to make a 3D design from a 2D drawing
  • Brush types and colour mixing
  • Basic physical balance for the 3-D composition
  • An opportunity to create artwork, and a chance to learn about the related tools and techniques