Honour the Past, To Celebrate the Future: Qatar's Educational Vision


Liwan Ramadan visiting hours:

9am—2pm | 8—11pm

This permanent exhibition offers a compelling narrative that showcases the remarkable journey of female education in Qatar from 1938 to 2006.

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Honour the Past, To Celebrate the Future: Qatar's Educational Vision meticulously highlights the profound impact that Qatar's first girls' school, Banat El Doha (later renamed Umm Almo'mneen Primary School) and its founder Amna Mahmoud Al Jaidah, along with the Ministry of Education, had on multiple generations of women. Immerse yourself in the achievements of the school's alumnae and witness the captivating evolution from its origins to its metamorphosis into Liwan — an innovative hub fostering creativity since 2019.

Engage with interactive displays and partake in enriching workshops designed to pay homage to the enduring legacy of female empowerment within Qatar's educational and creative realms. This exhibition is a tribute to the resilience and progress of women in Qatar, honouring their invaluable contributions and paving the way for an inspiring future. It is also a community space dedicated to the school's alumnae.

This exhibition was organised by Qatar Museums, VCUarts Qatar, Exhibition Design course and Liwan Design Studios and Labs.

Curator: Sheikha Reem Al-Thani

Content Manager: Fatima (Tam) Al-Siddiqi

Graphic Design Lead: Kaltham Al-Fakhroo

Graphic Designers: Adila Hayati, Amna Al-Humaidi and Humyra Najdan

Interior Design Lead: Maryam Al-Majid

Interior designers: Zainab Al-Sa far, Haneen Darwich, Ayah El-Fihail, Lolwa Al-Thani and Israa Mahjoub

When Amna Mahmoud Al Jaidah is honoured, it's not merely her recognition, but the acknowledgement of the entire education community."

Nasser Al Othman, 1996

image of the permanent exhibition in Liwan room view facing the screen


Image of the objects wall in the amna al Jaidah exhibition in Liwan


image of the amna al Jaidah exhibition close up on object diploma and news articles