Re: Recreating, Reimagining and Repurposing Work

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Join us for a creative workshop that enables you to reimagine objects of your past in new shapes and forms.

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Re is a workshop for creatives who wish to recreate, reimagine or repurpose any material into something "new". Participants should bring something personal to the workshop, such as collections of past work, dropped projects, simple scraps of sketches, materials, texts and past ideas. During the workshop, they will share their personal work with the group; the sessions will be based on a collaborative process and primarily self-dependent, where interaction and feedback will be encouraged.

This workshop does not require an outcome from the participants, encouraging everyone to share the process and not precisely the results. The workshop can lead to the completion of an artistic piece, the creation of a new project, or the drive to explore new mediums inspired by the module. The end product could also be a collective work contributed by everyone or work produced in pairs. The small group will be made up of creatives from diverse fields. Up to five candidates will be selected via an application process.

Week 1

Introduction & Material
Participants will introduce themselves, their practice and the materials they bring. We will delve into their process and interests. 

Connections & Assemblage 
Participants will identify features in each other's work and materials they wish to explore or
collaborate on.

Week 2

Collaborating & Sharing 
Continuing where they left off from the previous week, sharing their process and experience

Week 3

Feedback & Finalizing 
Participants will be showcasing their "end-product" for the workshop, where we share and give feedback on the outcomes 

Presenting & Documenting
All outcomes will be documented and photographed.