Image of an old neighborhood in Doha

Souq Al Haraj: Urban Field Lab in Al Najma

Past Event

The Urban Field Lab Al Najma will investigate and document the spatial and socio-cultural configuration of Souq Al Haraj, a secondhand goods and building materials market in the neighbourhood Al Najma.

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Participants will research and document the souq and its role in the neighbourhood. They will then create an 'urban collage' representing their findings and observations with the help of workshop leaders: Jumanah Abbas, Architect and Curator, Al Maha Al-Malki, Senior Architect, Thomas Modeen, Architect and Director at Qatar Museum’s Vocational School, Munira Mohammed, Independent Researcher and Isabella Rossen, Urban Sociologist.

Participants can choose their research focus from the following list:
1) the urban design of the souq and its architecture, circulation flows and accessibility;
2) the businesses and retail landscape of the souq and its relationship to the creative and crafts economy;
3) the history, heritage and narrative of the souq;
4) the sociocultural composition of the neighbourhood and souq.

Participants will learn to use different mapping methods and techniques to make the 'collage', including photography, drawing, poetry and writing. Participants can choose to work in a team or individually.

The workshop can accommodate up to 10 participants who will be selected through an application process. 

The results of each participant's 'urban collage' of Al Najma will be displayed in a group exhibition at Liwan.