two ladies wearing an abaya and kimono

The Kimono and the Abaya: Cultural Hybrids through Fashion

Past Event

Experiment with different styles and sustainable design in this fashion-forward workshop.

This workshop is fully booked, we are no longer taking any registrations.

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Both the Japanese kimono and the traditional Arab/Khaleeji abaya can be considered fashion-cultural hybrids. Similarities in design between the two garments are noticeable, from their modest silhouette structure to being important reflections of their country's culture and traditions. In recent years, there has even been a rise in a new type of abaya that incorporates the style of the Japanese Kimono.

Led by fashion designer and founder of SHIROTSU, Sayuri Kurotsu, participants will experiment with reusing the fabric from abayas and kimonos. With a choice between an abaya and kimono, participants will experiment with removing the stitches and cutting and restitching patchwork designs. The end product will incorporate the style and essence of the abaya and kimono. Throughout the workshop, we encourage sustainable design with deep ties to culture.

Participants will learn:

  • How to design original cuttings and graphics using several patchwork techniques;
  • Detailed design of garments and basic dressmaking;
  • How to use a sewing machine;
  • Similarities and differences between an abaya and kimono.

This workshop is fully booked.