Close view of a woman making a pot in clay on a pottery wheel.

Clay Lab

Liwan is pleased to offer monthly workshops for members developed by our artisan clay lab resident Noora Al-Melhim.

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Qatar's rich history of pottery is noticeable around the country. A traditional industry in Qatari towns and villages, pottery was used for practical purposes in food preservation, cooking, and other household use. Contemporary artisan pottery stores surround Liwan, a step into Souq Waqif, and beautifully designed pottery pieces cover the Souq's alleyways and street food quarters. In staying true to Qatar's pottery tradition, Liwan offers workshops for members developed by our artisan clay lab resident Noora Al Melhim.

Our pottery lab is equipped with:

  • Electric Kilns
  • Brent excel series in sizes small and medium
  • Pottery wheels- Brent type C. 

Members can enjoy multiple workshops a year with the guidance of our experienced lab resident. If you are new to pottery or a semi-experienced potter, you will learn and develop ceramics techniques, including making a mould and clay modelling, understanding the materials, clay glazing techniques, and more.

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About Noora Al-Melhim

Noora Al-Melhim is an interdisciplinary Qatari designer. Noora has taught workshops in pottery at VCUQ and Heenat Salma. She has participated in design-related crafts workshops, including Endeavors in Qatar, Italy, South Korea, England, and Kuwait. Her work has been showcased at the Emerging Talents from Qatar, MAISON&OBJET Tradeshow, Paris, France (2020), Anderson Gallery, Richmond, USA (2019), Contemporary Art Qatar Exhibition: The Moving Postcards, Berlin (2018), Ceramic Incense Burners, Tiles, Design days, Dubai, UAE (2017).

She holds an MFA in Design Studies and a BFA in Graphic Design from Virginia Commonwealth University School of Arts. 

“Working with clay is limitless…”

Noora Al Melhim