The Monobloc: A Chair for One, A Chair for All

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Participants are invited to deconstruct 'the world's most popular piece of furniture' – the Monobloc chair.

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The Monobloc chair is a mass-produced injection moulded plastic white chair used worldwide. The name comes from mono (one) and bloc (block), meaning an object forged in a single piece. The Monobloc chair is inexpensive, lightweight, portable, waterproof, stackable and, most importantly, universal. Regardless of our geographical, cultural or economic context, we have all seen and probably used this chair somewhere: in our gardens, the beach, the streets, parties and gatherings – it is ubiquitous.

In this workshop, with help from workshop leader, interior architect and interdisciplinary designer Majdulin Nashrallah, participants will manipulate and deconstruct the famous chair. Participants can reconstruct the chair, add to it or remove from it as they experiment with different materials and mediums. The aim is to transform the mass-produced chair into an object with its own identity and narrative by changing its formal quality and meaning. The outcomes can be poetic, humorous, or even a commentary on issues of interest.

  • Day 1 – Project introduction. Ideation and exploration of concepts/ tools/ materials. 
  • Day 2 – Experimentation. 
  • Day 3 – Problem solving/developing ideas. 
  • Day 4 – Production of the final piece. 
  • Day 5 – Production of the final piece. 
  • Day 6 – Text/photography and discussion of outcomes.

The outcomes will be displayed in a group exhibition at Liwan.